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Rules for holding an auction within the framework of the "Delicate Business" project


The organizer of the auction is ColorVitrum LLC (hereinafter  — organizer).


The period of the exhibition-auction is October 06 - October 08, 2020. Auction venue — Russia, Moscow, Tverskaya street, 15, premises of the Tverskaya15 Inclusive Cultural Center, first floor (entrance from the left side of the building).


This auction is held to support artists - authors of works of art of the target exhibition and ANO "Tverskaya15"  during the spread of COVID-19.


Significant features of the auction:

After the organizer receives funds from all buyers of the auction, up to 30% of the total initial prices of the lots sold, minus the tax rate from the initial lot price, the Auction Organizer transfers to the settlement account of ANO Tverskaya15 in support of the organization's statutory activities (charitable gift).

up to 20% of the difference between the initial price and the last price (the result of the auction) of the sold lots after deducting taxes is transferred by the Organizer as a gift in support of the activities of ANO "Tverskaya15".

The organizer transfers to the authors of the works the price fixed in the framework of written agreements.

Auction Participants are individuals and legal entities that have been registered to participate in the auction and who have been assigned an individual number.

Lot - the author's work of art put up for auction. Each lot is assigned an individual number. A compound lot contains multiple lots.

Catalog — electronic and/or printed material containing mandatory information about the auction, lots and their initial cost.

Starting price - the initial minimum price of the lot, which includes all fees.

An electronic catalog in pdf format is posted on the organizer's website no later than 14 calendar days before the start of the auction. Prior to the placement of such a catalog, information on lots can be provided to interested parties upon request by e-mail.

Full visual acquaintance with the lots takes place during the Silent Auction
and Live auction.


The auction consists of two parts.

Part 1. Exhibition-sale, where any participant in the auction can indicate his number on the form, located directly next to the lot in the hall, and indicate the cost equal to the starting price or more  her. Each subsequent participant must exceed  the price of the predecessor, while the step is not fixed and not assigned. An exhibition-sale constitutes a “silent auction” (hereinafter referred to as the Silent Auction). The Silent Auction lasts from the moment of opening and ends 3 hours before the start of the Live Auction. The time of the Silent auction is published by the organizer no later than 14 calendar days before the start of the auction. Visiting the exhibition-sale during the Silent Auction is free.

Part 2. Live auction. As part of the live auction, auction participants can purchase lots from the live auction, as well as increase the price of lots from the Silent auction.

The live auction will begin on October 08, 2020 at 18:00 Moscow time. The Organizer reserves the right to shift the start of the Live Auction by no more than one astronomical hour up or down and notify all interested parties about this no later than seven calendar days before the start of the Live Auction.

For the lots of the Silent auction, the winner is the participant of the live auction, who is the first to raise the price of the lot of the Silent auction by at least 1% of the last price of the lot at the Silent auction by marking it in the form personally or with the help of an authorized representative of the Organizer.

  • Auction participants undergo preliminary registration, as a result of which they receive a participant number. Participants receive a card with a participant number (hereinafter referred to as the bid) directly at the entrance to the hall, stating their surname and number when confirming registration. For pre-registration, you must provide a copy of your passport (the first page and registration). Representatives of legal entities also provide a power of attorney for the right to represent a legal entity at an auction with the right to make financial transactions on behalf of a legal entity. Registration can also be done directly in the auction hall half an hour before the start of the event, only to those persons who have notified about it by phone call or by e-mail to the Organizer.

  • The auction participants who received the Bid are personally responsible for their actions with the Bid during the entire auction.

  • The auction is considered completed with the last auction for the last Lot of the Live auction.

  • Participants of the Live Auction return the Bids to the representative of the Organizer at the end of the auction.

Persons who have not been registered as participants or accompanying a participant to the Live Auction are not allowed.

  • The auctioneer, putting up lots for the Live auction (bargaining), announces their number, title, author and starting price. Information about the lot corresponds to the catalog.

If a lot consisting of several independent parts, none of the participants wished to purchase the whole lot, the lot is sold by internal lots that have their own number, indicated in the catalog and at the exhibition.

  • The auction is conducted by increasing the starting price of the auction lot (“auction step”), while the “auction step” is set by the auctioneer.

  • The auction participants raise the Bid as a sign of their consent to purchase the lot at a price that is one step higher than the previously announced one.

  • The raising of the Bid by the participant is a confirmation of the conclusion of the contract for the purchase of an object of art, as well as confirmation of the provision of services by the Auction Organizer.

  • The winner of the auction - the buyer of the lot - is the Participant of the auction who offered the higher price of the auction lot (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"). With a hammer blow, the Auctioneer announces the winner of the auction by naming the winner's Bid number.

  • The auction organizer makes audio and video recording of the auction.

  • Lots are sold in the form in which they are exhibited at a silent auction and a live auction. Any bidder can contact the organizer for clarification about the lot or to get acquainted with the lot before the start of the live auction.

  • The auction participant/Buyer pays for the purchased lots by transferring funds to the account of the auction organizer within no more than three banking days. The organizers of the auction reserve the right to request financial guarantees from the bidder.

  • Delivery of the lot to the buyer is carried out by the organizer of the auction no later than 7 working days after the receipt of funds to the account of the Organizer. The Buyer is personally obliged to inspect the item in the presence of an authorized representative of the Organizer, the Buyer and the Representative of the Organizer sign the Act of acceptance and transfer of the work. After signing the Acceptance-Transfer Certificate, the claims are not accepted by the Organizer.

  • Works that require special installation are marked in the catalog. The organizer can carry out such installation or consultation on installation for the buyer for a fee.

  • A protocol on the results of the auction is not drawn up due to the technical features of the auction.

A report on the results of the auction is published on the organizer's website no later than 14 banking days from the date of the Live auction.


By electronically registering on the site to participate in the auction within the framework of the "Subtle Deed" project, the participant automatically agrees to the processing of personal data.
The document "Consent to the processing of personal data" can be found at the link on the right


The contact details of the Auction Organizer are indicated on the website in the Contacts section.


For all questions related to the auction, please contact

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