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Starting today, here and on social networks, we are with our colleagues
from ANO "Tverskaya15"
  we will inform you about the news  project "Subtle business".


Today, 09/06/2020, we publish the Rules for the upcoming auction.

About the project:  

2020 has become a difficult year for many people and organizations involved in cultural and charitable activities in our country and abroad due to the spread of COVID-19 around the world.


The organizer of the project - ColorVitrum LLC, both in the name of the company itself and in the person of its founders, has been engaged in various kinds of support and development of art and culture, as well as children in difficult life situations for about 20 years. In 2000, together with partner Mark Ekstrand, a glass artist,  the export of works of glass artists from Russia abroad was organized in order to popularize and support Russian artists. Over the years, more than one charity event has been organized in Russia and abroad in the field of art for orphans with the participation of leading glass artists, exhibitions and other events have been organized.


“The difficult state of health of our partner Mark, an artist and director of the Glass Dreams NGO in Lithuania, who lost the opportunity to work with children as before and became a “person with disabilities”, meeting wonderful colleagues from the Tverskaya 15 Inclusive Cultural Center, a difficult situation from artists of arts and crafts in connection with the pandemic — all this prompted us to organize a fragile project during this difficult period, which, together with our partners, we called “Delicate Work”.

The artists we invited to participate in the project are also active figures in the development of art in our country, organizers of symposiums, schools, master classes, teachers of universities and colleges. Helping these artists is not only helping them, but helping the development of art in our society.

We hope that Fine Business will be able to support artists and the Tverskaya 15 Inclusive Cultural Center thanks to your attention and participation, and take a new small step towards a developed cultural environment,  accessible to any member of society.


Ekaterina Ivanova-Ostapenko, organizer of the project "Delicate Business"

In the fall of 2020, our Inclusive Cultural Center "TVERSKAYA 15" turns two years old. It seems that these are not many years for a big project, however, this time was filled with many events organized by our team and in partnership with other NGOs. More than 1000 master classes and classes for children and adults from PNI, more than 10 major exhibitions, more than 300 lectures and seminars, international projects with Malta, Serbia, Japan, etc.
Our activity is aimed at connecting the world of children and adults with special needs
and communities of caring people. It is to connect these worlds that we create an inclusive environment based on cultural, educational, creative, educational and large socially oriented projects.
"Subtle Deed" - an auction of modern art glass and ceramics - is a very important project for us, its essence carries the value of attention, beauty and the opportunity for society to participate in charity. Every life is a value for us, we understand its fragility and we know how hard it is for people with disabilities to get along in the urban space
and withstand the psychological pressure of society. We participate in the formation of an inclusive society based on the recognition
and respect for the characteristics of all people, ensuring their full inclusion in the life of society
and we urge everyone to take care of each other and help those who really need
in support today.
Part of the proceeds from the auction will go to the development of our charitable programs.
We are grateful to the organizers and invite all art lovers to take part in the auction
and help our inclusive cultural center to work with our beneficiaries further.


Dmitry Litvinenko, Executive Director  ANO "Tverskaya 15"

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