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Since 1998 we have known our great friend and partner Mark Ekstrand. He came up with a wonderful idea for charity events with orphans. Since 2000, the founders of our company have been participating in these actions, and since 2004 they have become partners and organizers of the actions. Actions were held in the USA, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey. In Moscow, 3 large-scale actions were held, organized by the founders of our company.  


Actions in Moscow were held at the Moscow Zoo and the Darwin Museum  supported by various companies here and abroad. We hold charity events for orphans free of charge. But if you want to hold a similar master class for children or adults, we will hold it for you on your territory on a commercial basis. ​​​​​​​​​​ Proceeds from the event will go to the development of our charity for the benefit of future generations.



Charity events

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